To: John Stumpf, CEO Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo: Stop Foreclosures & Pay Us Back! (Morristown, NJ, not Palo Alto, CA)

Wells Fargo: Stop Foreclosures & Pay Us Back! (Morristown, NJ, not Palo Alto, CA)

Stop all foreclosures and evictions and provide real relief that will keep families in their homes and restore the wealth your bank has stolen from our communities. Provide reasonable loan modifications that include principal reduction for all underwater homeowners and others at risk of foreclosure, and stop employing tactics designed to mislead, bully, harass, and intimidate homeowners. Stop your attempts to block communities from providing their own solutions to the crisis.

Why is this important?

We have all heard that "a divided house will not stand," and I, a 62-year-old woman in distress, left struggling alone -- fighting Wells Fargo Bank's and its cohorts' corruption, can tell you that firsthand. When there is a land grab like the one today, unscrupulous, opportunistic people -- including your enemies, will play on any division in your family and create it to take your family's home. Many families are losing homes this way today.

In 2001, my mother died without a will and her small -- estate has been pending ever since due to the aforementioned reasons. She had owned the home for fifty-seven (57) years. Immediately after her demise, family enemies instigated division in our family to force a court-ordered sale substantially below value. In fact, in February 2009, to expedite the sale, they tried -- unsuccessfully -- to get me committed to a hospital psychiatric ward to disempower me as co-administrator of the estate.

When the court-ordered sale failed, they targeted a Wachovia Bank -- now Wells Fargo Bank mortgage and Personal Equity Line (PEL) loan, opened to repair the property for sale. Their intention was cause court battles to drain the equity in the estate, and they did, with the help of Wells Fargo Bank. However, this is also how I discovered the bank's fraud.

In collusion with these enemies, Wells Fargo Bank allowed an estranged nephew being exploited by them to use what appears to be a fraudulent power of attorney to take the remaining equity in the PEL account. He has no interest in the estate or PEL account. My name is on the account and I am the only one who had ever paid the bill, yet Wells Fargo never gave me a courtesy call when the fraud occurred. Temporarily, Wells Fargo replaced the funds but then closed the account, at least to me! Without notifying me, Wells Fargo held a private meeting, gave the funds to my nephew again, then sent me the bill and pre-foreclosure notice! As a result, I am suing Wells Fargo in federal court (United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Civil Case No.: 2:12-cv-01932-KM-MAH). My attorney took the case on contingency.

Wells Fargo's foreclosure mill lawyer is unlawfully representing my nephew, causing the court to favor him and punish me! In fact, after Wells Fargo gave the funds to my nephew, he underhandedly purchased my late brother's home, taking it from his children. When my attorney deposed him, he asked him if he used the PEL funds to purchase the home, and my nephew told him that someone named Felix gave him the money. My attorney then asked for Felix's information so we could investigate the lead, but Wells Fargo's lawyer told my nephew he did not have to answer the questions. More than a year later, the court has still not impelled my nephew to answer the materially-relevant questions and has allowed him to commit perjury with impunity.

As usual, Wells Fargo and its cohorts are making me the public scapegoat, falsely portraying me as a deadbeat who does not work, and who refused to rent an apartment which needs repairs. I had a well-paying job until my adversaries created a false charge to make me lose it, so I could not pay the bills. The people involved also interfere with tenants. Once, I had to have a lawyer send them a cease and desist letter.

Despite its egregious misconduct, Wells Fargo refuses to settle my case. Instead, it is delaying it to wear me down by inflicting legal abuse upon me. Wells Fargo's and its cohorts' misconduct keeps me inundated with oppressive paperwork, and places me under considerable stress -- harming my health. Property is being vandalized to harm me too.

My mother's home was in good standing and was not in danger of foreclosure, until Wells Fargo aided and abetted the people involved. Now, the property is in jeopardy, my good credit is destroyed and I am struggling alone to survive.

I sent Wells Fargo a letter withdrawing a life insurance policy, but I never received a response.

My case is important because it shows you the necessity of maintaining family unity when a family member dies intestate, and because it tells you how your enemies can use banks and courts to bully you, to take your family's home to humiliate, degrade and destroy you, and to make you homeless in retaliation for exercising your constitutional rights!

Wells Fargo has a well-documented history of abusing customers seeking mortgage modifications, racial discrimination and peddling faulty mortgages that led to the financial crisis. Now a lawsuit has brought to light a 150 page manual used by the bank, that attorneys say provides a step by step instructions for Wells Fargo lawyer’s to fabricate documents in order to illegally foreclose on millions of homeowners.

How it will be delivered

I am not sure, but I may attach the petition to my lawsuit against Wells Fargo, send Mr. Stumpf a copy by U.S. Certified Mail and stage a press conference if possible.

New Jersey, Morristown, 21 Liberty Street

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