To: John Stumpf, CEO Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo stole our home and we want it back!!

Wells Fargo stole our home and we want it back!!

Give the Myers family back their home!! Eleven years of blood, sweat and tears went into making our house a home! We were Sheriff evicted from OUR home and we want it back!

Why is this important?

Wells Fargo has a well-documented history of abusing customers seeking mortgage modifications, racial discrimination and peddling faulty mortgages that led to the financial crisis. Now a lawsuit has brought to light a 150 page manual used by the bank, that attorneys say provides a step by step instructions for Wells Fargo lawyer’s to fabricate documents in order to illegally foreclose on millions of homeowners. You are throwing innocent men, women, and CHILDREN out of their homes and it needs to stop NOW!

Wauseon Ohio

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