To: Wells Fargo and any of its affiliates.

Wells Fargo reduce my Principal Balance

Wells Fargo reduce my Principal Balance

To WELLS FARGO BANK and its affiliates. Back in November I requested a principal reduction because I'am upside down on my mortgage.i filled out all the documentation and submitted it to you. In return i get documentation from you stating that you found a mistake in my 2010 modification that you made and that i qualified for a principal reduction. in the mean time i applied for the Hardest Hit program and got accepted with funds to be applied to my principal balance. All the information was submitted to you and you are not accepting the funds. And you have not notified me of why nothing has been done yet about your mistake on my principal reduction or why you wont accept the funds from the Hardest Hit.Please do what is right and help me keep my home. The money is available why not accept it?

Why is this important?

When we were house shopping almost 20 years ago it took us 2 years to find the right house. When i walked in to see this house I new it was the house for us. It was the perfect house. My children each picked their owen room. The back yard had trees and we even decided where to build the tree house. The kids thought about having a lemonade stand and riding their bikes on the side walk. In this house many celebrations took place it has always been the place where family would meet. For Thanksgiving, Christmas ,Easter,Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday's, Sad and Happy day's. We have maintained the house and fixed it up threw the years. In 2001after suffering from back problems and a degenerated disc i underwent low back surgery. What was suppose to be 4-6 week recuperation it turned out to be failed back surgery and had to undergo more back surgery. As a result of that i lost my teaching position and had to go on disability and thats when all my hardship started. i had to fight and go to NACA to help me with a Refinance, Modification and now a Principal Reduction. I've done everything to keep my house. I've stayed over night at NACA events.I've cried many times just trying to figure out what to do next. I've suffered from anxiety, and panic attacks. Wells Fargo just seems not to care about us. What i had to go threw and they are still not helping with this situation. They put me on a 40 year term in 2010 and I've lived here 20 years that equals 60 years. When will this end? I'am upside down on the mortgage and they refuse to give me a principal reduction or accept the available funds from the hardest hit. One thing for sure i will not give up because this is not just a house This is my HOME that i intend to keep.

Delray Beach, FL, United States

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