To: John G Stumpf

Wells Fargo: Keep Yolanda Andrews in her Home.

Wells Fargo: Keep Yolanda Andrews in her Home.

Dear Mr. Stumpf:
My name is Yolanda Andrews and I am a homeowner in Newark, New Jersey. I bought my first home, my piece of the American Dream, in May of 2004. I can still remember the joy I felt the day I got the keys, making all kinds of plans for my new home.

The women in my family – my mother and my grandmother – always told me to keep two jobs, one to the pay the bills and one for everything else.

But I lost my second job in 2010 after the economy crashed and I wasn’t able to find another one. My husband and I both had stead, full-time jobs, but we were deeply underwater in our mortgage so I contacted Wells Fargo for help, making countless phone calls, and always talking to somebody different. I submitted paperwork for the modification repeatedly, with Wells telling me over and over again they didn’t receive it.

Finally, I was offered a trial modification which I completed successfully in May 2012. After that I heard nothing from Wells Fargo for months. They wouldn’t accept a payment but also wouldn’t give me a final modification offer. Nobody would explain to me exactly what the process was or what the terms of the modification would be.

In December 2012, after more than a year of struggling with the bank, I received the offer in the mail. Under the deal, I received a lower interest rate, but Wells Fargo increased the principal balance of my mortgage by over $20,000. Therefore my monthly payment ended up being only $49 less per month. $49.

That’s when I realized that the 6 months of payments Wells Fargo wouldn’t accept until they completed final modification offer had been added back into the principal balance of the loan. After that I was worse off than before!

What people don’t talk about much in this crisis is the unbelievable stress, frustration, and humiliation homeowners like me feel. My health has suffered to the point where I have been out of work for months and have been unable to go back consistently, which of course has only made the unsustainable mortgage payment that much less sustainable.

A few months ago my worst fears came true when Wells Fargo served me with foreclosure papers. It seems your hugely profitable bank would rather see me and my husband homeless than give us a fair deal. I know 2 things: Newark now comes in #2 on the list of US cities with the highest rate of foreclosure, and Wells Fargo is celebrating its most profitable year in its history.

I am asking you to stop the foreclosure on my home and give me a fair deal. I'm asking this not just for me but for thousands of New Jersey homeowners just like me who need immediate relief from our inflated, oppressive mortgages.

Yolanda Andrews
Newark, NJ

Why is this important?

For the past 3 years I have submitted one modification application after another, only to be given the runaround by Wells Fargo. My husband and I love our little dream home and we can afford to pay a mortgage, but Wells Fargo wants to drive us out into the streets. Help us save our home and stay in our community where we've lived for the past 12 years.

Newark, NJ, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because my situation with WHells Fargo Home Mortgage has been exactly like Ms. Andrews', except with a bit more spice. WHells FHM has had a Virginia Law Firm hounding me; notes in my mailbox; generic court date notices; threatening mailings; and hang-up phone calls. I even think I've been monitored by drive-bys to determine if their Rough Rider tactics have gotten me to abandon my home.
  • Wells Fargo Is Under Federal Consent Decrees From U.S. Federal District Court Judge In Washington, DC. A Cease And Desist Order On ALL Foreclosure Actions!


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