To: Richard Davis and Ed DeMarco

US Bank and Freddie Mac: Give Ann Haines a Fair Deal!

US Bank and Freddie Mac: Give Ann Haines a Fair Deal!

Dear Richard Davis and Ed DeMarco,
Please negotiate with me, Ann Haines, and my family in our home of 13 years.

Why is this important?

My name is Ann Haines and I live at 1311 Seminary Avenue St. Paul Minnesota. I have lived there for 13 years.
We have had holidays, birthdays, baptisms, grieved the loss of loved ones, and a wedding celebration in our home. I have nursed broken bones, chicken pox, wisdom teeth removals, and asthma attacks in this home. I have opened our home to children who didn’t have anywhere to else to go, whether for 3 days or 3 months. We’ve laughed, cried, fought, hurt and celebrated together in our home.

We’ve weathered the Mother’s day storm of 2006, leaving destruction in our yard. We survived our living room ceiling crashed on us in the winter of 2010. I have reunited with both of my biological parents in the home.

And I have been told this not my home. This is not a simple case of eviction for non-payment. This is about the bank selling my house right from under me. This is about me asking the lender for help with reducing my payment, or interest rate, or something to help maintain my home. Instead, US Bank stopped the process of my modification because they sent me the wrong application and went ahead with a foreclosure, which has now been identified as “dual tracking.”
Freddie Mac is trying to evict me from my house but I am not leaving. Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services is helping me fight back in court, and I am working with Occupy Homes MN to help open the eyes of people who aren’t aware of the magnitude of damage this causes homeowners and their children.

In January, I testified at a hearing at the MN State Capitol to ensure this doesn’t happen to other homeowners. More recently, I confronted Richard Davis, CEO of US Bank, at their annual shareholder’s meeting.
We made that house our home, and I know where there is a homeowner there is stability, and where there is stability there is a city that offers pride, safety, and the desire to be part of a community. Why take that away from people who are making our city a better place to live for all people?

1311 West Seminary Avenue, St Paul, MN

Reasons for signing

  • Find a Heart !!!
  • How cold! US Bank is a Minnesota business with Minnesota employees and leadership and those people would treat their neighbors this badly? Shameful. Shameful. Using devious means to make a buck on the back of neighbors. Do the right thing leaders and employees who make up USBank--stop being functionaries for evil and do the right thing.
  • Too many people are homeless already