To: Richard Davis, CEO, US Bank

Turn Over 405 Hatch Ave to the Community

Turn Over 405 Hatch Ave to the Community

Turn over 405 Hatch Ave St. Paul so it can benefit the community instead of sitting vacant, attracting crime, and lowering the property values for the neighborhood.

Why is this important?

Dear US Bank,

We are a family that has been directly affected and victimized by the traumatic process of foreclosure. Our mother, Lucinda Adams Vinje, lost her job due to injury and was no longer able to make the mortgage payments, at the rate they were, due to disability. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I were of little help financially because we were also deemed unable to work by medical opinion due to difficulties with mental illness. The bank advised our mother to apply for programs of which she did not qualify. All along the way, different people claiming to represent the bank told our mother to apply for a loan modification and said that they would work with her. However, they continually lost her paperwork asking her to resubmit it over and over again until they eventually stopped answering the phone and returning her calls. During this time, the bank had already sold the house and proceeded with the eviction and foreclosure.

Our family officially became homeless and were forced to live out of our car on October 23rd when 12 sheriff vehicles lined both sides of the street making a shameful public example of us. Using threats and intimidation to throw us out even though we were leaving peacefully and being compliant. We had only moments to grab the things that were dear to us as they changed the locks. I watched as our cozy, sanctuary full of happy memories was turned into nothing more than a vacant nightmare and a pain in my heart.

We will move into 405 Hatch Ave St. Paul, MN. 55117 thanks to Mysnikol Miller, who we consider our guardian angel. She has selflessly opened her heart as well as her own home to our family after your bank foreclosed upon it 11 years into the mortgage. This home, which would otherwise sit vacant, will give us a warm place to live this holiday season and will provide much needed stability for my 12 year old son who stays with us regularly. Many people support us in this action including neighbors, friends and Occupy Homes, giving us compelling and considerable strength in numbers.

We need this home turned over to a nonprofit that will provide housing for those in need and benefit the community instead of letting the property sit vacant. You will be able to use this home as a tax write off and we can prevent homelessness by keeping families in the home and preventing any further mental anguish and destruction. It may only be a small action for you as a huge corporation but it will change many lives and benefit the community. I can't think of a better way to do something outside of yourself and for the greater good during the Christmas season. We need not throw families out onto the streets in the dead cold of winter.

Thank you for your time,

Carrie Martinez & Xavier Buford