To: John G. Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo

Tells Wells Fargo to Negotiate with Yolanda Andrews!

Tells Wells Fargo to Negotiate with Yolanda Andrews!

Yolanda Andrews has fought alongside dozens of homeowners organizing to save their homes from foreclosure by Wall Street banks. Now, Yolanda is not only fighting to save her home, she’s fighting cancer – and she needs our support! Tell Wells Fargo to work with Yolanda Andrews and her husband Hosea to save their home!

Why is this important?

Yolanda Andrews was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, where she and her husband, Hosea, bought their first home in May of 2004. Yolanda often talks about the joy she felt the day her family got the keys to their piece of the American Dream. Today, Yolanda and Hosea are on the other side of that experience, living the American Nightmare.

After the economic collapse in 2008, Yolanda lost one of her jobs. She tried working with Wells Fargo in 2010 to get a modification on her mortgage at terms that reflected the real value of her home and at a rate that was affordable for her and Hosea. Eventually Wells Fargo relented and offered Yolanda and Hosea a mortgage modification BUT the terms of the new deal did nothing to lighten the threat of foreclosure. Under the deal, the Andrews family received a lower interest rate, but Wells Fargo increased the principal balance of their mortgage by over $20,000! Yolanda’s monthly payment ended up being only $49 less per month.

Yolanda is now battling cancer and fighting for her life.

Yolanda has been active in the anti-foreclosure movement for years, always standing with other homeowners in their fights. She has signed petitions, marched in rallies and even taken her story – and the stories of her neighbors fighting foreclosure - to the annual Wells Fargo shareholder conference in Texas in 2014.

Wells Fargo claims to be committed to improving the quality of life in the communities which they do business. Ginnie Mae’s mission is supposed to be to “help make affordable housing a reality” for working people like Yolanda and Hosea. If these statements are true, the Andrews would have a mortgage modification that they could afford so they can stay in their home and keep their community from being destabilized even further by the foreclosure crisis.

Please support the Andrew’s fight to save their home. Together we can send a loud and clear message to Wells Fargo that families are fighting back against their greedy deals!


Reasons for signing

  • Wells Fargo has no legal right to take her home and no logical reason not to negotiate a modification with principal reduction. Justice for all must mean homeowners do not have to flee their homes.
  • there but for the grace of god go i.


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