To: Georgia State University and Carter Development

Support a Community Benefits Agreement for the Turner Field Communities

Support a Community Benefits Agreement for the Turner Field Communities

Negotiate with residents on a binding Community Benefits Agreement(CBA). Together we can make sure that development is mutually beneficial for GSU, Carter Development, and those that have been living in the community for decades, this CBA can be one step in building a community that works for everyone, not just for a few well connected folks.

Why is this important?

For fifty years, the communities surrounding Turner Field have been neglected, an almost forgotten footnote in Atlanta’s race to prove it is the “city too busy to hate.”

Once thriving neighborhoods fell victim to the economic priorities of others: busy interstates divided communities and families; stadiums rose and fell, flooding communities with crime and raw sewage; local schools were neglected and underfunded; and promises for positive development were as empty as the scores of parking lots that litter the area.

Now, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change all this.
It’s called the Turner Field Community Benefit Agreement (CBA). A Community Benefits Agreement is a legally-binding contract with the developer that describes mutually-agreed and enforceable goals for the development project. This agreement is driven by local residents and the over 40 community organizations that make up the Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition, which Occupy Our Homes Atlanta is a member of.

What would a CBA mean for our communities? A world of difference–for everyone. A well implemented CBA could alleviate flooding; improve transportation and create new public space; provide jobs for residents and create opportunities for training, education and services for people of all ages; create housing for people of all incomes and prevent displacement of existing residents; and make our streets and communities safer and cleaner, while providing places to shop for people in the neighborhood.

Your support now can bring real and lasting change. Can we count on you? We need to demonstrate how powerful a Community Benefits Agreement could be for our communities and the developer. And the best way to do that is to show how many people support a CBA. Please add your name to our petition, then spread the word!

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • I live in the Turner Field, SummerHill, Peoplestown Neighborhood and I want to my voice to be heard. Housing, Lifestyle, and Displacement will be devastating to the families here TRYING for a better life.
  • When development takes place, we need to work with communities, not displace them.
  • In a democracy, banks don't own congress. In oligarchy, it's cheaper to own a senator than worry about the laws.


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