To: SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Stop Destroying Small Businesses, Don't Evict D'BABS Construction!

Thanks to your support, the sisters of DBABS Construction are celebrating their successful campaign with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta today. Your petition signatures, call-ins, and participation in our Wednesday actions have produced a positive outcome for this family-owned local business. Great work!!!

Brunetta sent along this message and we want to pass it along to you: “The entire family of DBABS Construction is pleased to announce that your willingness to stand with us has saved our small business! This successful outcome to our campaign would not have been possible without all of you! Thank you all! We are so grateful that in the end all parties were willing to sit down and find a solution that sees the importance of our small business remaining in a position to survive and thrive. We’ve reached a deal that will keep DBABS in our building for years to come!”

SunTrust Stop Destroying Small Businesses, Don't Evict D'BABS Construction!

Treat us with dignity and work with us to save our business!

Why is this important?

Hello my name is Brunetta Nelson and my sisters and I own D'BABS Construction. We shared the same difficulty that 99% of us were experiencing during our nation’s financial crisis. After years of perfect payment history, we begin to have slow and missed payments on our loans. SunTrust assigned us to a special asset officer so that we could hand deliver our payments directly to the headquarters location downtown.

When our property taxes got behind, SunTrust paid them and demanded a full reimbursement immediately. At this point, we entered lump sum payments. The loan officer admitted that these payments were misapplied many times.

On May 4th the loan officer emailed me to say that he no longer worked for SunTrust and that someone else will be assigned to me. I waited and waited with my payment. The next thing I received was a pay in full demand letter. I called the person on the letter immediately and she gave deaf ears to my voice. I sent her a copy of the email that I had from the loan officer and told her I had the certified check. She was so mean to me.

I then hired an attorney quickly. He was negotiating on my behalf, but after a couple of rounds SunTrust went silent. He told me to just be ready when they respond so we could get a final deal.

The next thing I got is a call from my realtor asking me if I knew we had been foreclosed on. She had received a call from a SunTrust realtor and was just as shocked just as I was!!

I called the lawyer who told me he did not know that this had happened. He also said it was a conflict of interest for him to represent us because he was now working on SunTrust legal team.

We immediately filed a Wrongful Foreclosure lawsuit against SunTrust and have been fighting for over a year! Because of this disturbance to our business, we lost our rental income of $10k per month, we have spent over $100k in legal fees, and we’ve paid over $100k into the courts registry. In fact, in the discovery for the wrongful foreclosure suit, our lawyer discovered that we have overpaid. I cannot tell you how much our business has suffered by the loss in sales and income because of the interference of our business by SunTrust.

The Big Bank asked the judge to enter a Summary of Judgment so that a jury cannot our hear our case. We have appealed this action. In the meantime, SunTrust struck new leases with our remaining tenants, and evicted them. Now they are demanding that we vacate the property.

It is so painful for my sisters and I to walk into our office and see that everyone has been run away and how much we have suffered over this mishandling of a small family business that was built brick-by-brick for 25 long years. I can’t count the toll of the sleepless nights of crying, the loss of my hair, and the choices made as a result of this disaster.

Please help!!

D'Babs Construction Co, Harris Street, East Point, GA, United States


Reasons for signing

  • I too am facing foreclosure with Suntrust--they refuse a modification on a permanent basis. May everything continue to go in your favor!! GO FOR IT! I just joined OOHA and need help too, I am all for success in numbers. God bless you and your efforts, and the help of OOHA!!
  • We need to get shet of all the big banks and mortgage companies, and get back to small family businesses that care. The greed and unethical behavior in our society is appalling!
  • No one should ever loose their home ..... and the greedy 1% need to have a limit on how much power and money they acquire.


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