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Successful Campaigns
  • SunTrust Stop Destroying Small Businesses, Don't Evict D'BABS Construction!
    Thanks to your support, the sisters of DBABS Construction are celebrating their successful campaign with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta today. Your petition signatures, call-ins, and participation in our Wednesday actions have produced a positive outcome for this family-owned local business. Great work!!! Brunetta sent along this message and we want to pass it along to you: “The entire family of DBABS Construction is pleased to announce that your willingness to stand with us has saved our small business! This successful outcome to our campaign would not have been possible without all of you! Thank you all! We are so grateful that in the end all parties were willing to sit down and find a solution that sees the importance of our small business remaining in a position to survive and thrive. We’ve reached a deal that will keep DBABS in our building for years to come!”
    2,242 Signatures
    Created by Deanne Dunbar Picture
    Tony and Ladora came to OOHA out of desperation. Tony lost his job unexpectedly, and in the same year a sudden death in the family depleted their savings. Even though Ladora was working 80 hours a week at two jobs, it wasn’t enough to make ends meet. Suddenly, their home- which has been in Ladora’s family for nearly 40 years- was facing foreclosure. Instead of giving up, the Santoros decided their home was worth fighting for. After they knocked on neighbor’s doors, held a “Foreclosure Free Cookout” on their front lawn, and collected almost 5,000 signatures on their online petition, Wells Fargo finally offered the Santoros a deal that allows them to stay in their home at a rate they can afford. They are making trial payments on their modification, and Ladora sent this message that we want to pass along to you: “Hi! We are doing great. We are fixing to make our second payment, one more to go and our trial period should be over after that. I want to thank you all. Could not have done this without you.” We are glad to have been a part of the Santoro’s fight for their home and we couldn’t have done it without your help!
    4,211 Signatures
    Created by Anthony Santoro Picture
  • Citimortgage: Don't Foreclose on the Monsons
    Dear friends, Thank you for signing our petition, Citimortgage: Don't Foreclose on the Monsons. We collected 510 signatures, and today we scored a Victory! Yesterday our foreclosure was stopped, and at just after 1 pm CST, we received a call from Citimortgage informing us our loan modification had been approved! We couldn't have done without your support and hard work. Missouri senator Claire Mccaskill is also going to launch a Congressional inquiry into "dual tracking", which is the illegal practice of having a loan modification in process while starting foreclosure proceedings. There truly is strengh in numbers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely, Marty & Jill Monson
    516 Signatures
    Created by Martin Monson Picture
  • Keep Latonia and her children in their home!
    Thanks to you and the support of thousands of people around the country, single mother Latonia Wilson and her eight children continue to have a roof over their heads. After stopping Latonia’s home from being auctioned off at the Fulton County Courthouse, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta helped her negotiate a deal with her mortgage owner, Performance View LLC, that will keep her family in her home. Read more at Once again, public pressure and community support have proven to be an effective tool for fighting against shady, unfair corporate practices.
    3,988 Signatures
    Created by Rob Call Picture
  • Bing Udinsky: Don't Evict Irene Franzen From Her Home of 10 Years
    Dear Everyone, I find myself at a loss for words. I can only describe the feeling I have in my heart today as a deep gratitude. Because of all your help, I found the strength to fight when I thought it was hopeless. I have never been so personally touched by the effort, dedication, and selflessness exhibited by family...and those of you which whom I have never even met. I find myself today feeling inspired, armed with knowledge I never knew I needed. It is because of the actions you all showed that I must become involved in helping other victims of these injustices. I guess what I really want to you all to know is simply THANK YOU! In the sincerest form possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In the picture above, me and my very close friend Minoria Franks are holding both my eviction dismissal and a signed document that says I'm a resident in good standing! With your help I have gotten back in my home and all eviction proceedings have been dismissed. Tonight I can sleep safely in the place I've called home for ten years! THANK YOU, Irene Franzen
    187 Signatures
    Created by Tim Franzen
  • Bank of America: Rescind the foreclosure and keep Mildred in her home!
    On March 18, Mildred Obi-Garrison, joined by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, as well as dozens of supporters and community members, moved back into her home in an act of civil disobedience. Mildred had been evicted from her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia by Bank of America last November, despite years of fighting in the courts. After securing her property back from the bank, supporters set up a 24-hour eviction defense at the home to fend off any possible eviction attempts by the police, and mounted a public pressure campaign against Bank of America, the servicer who had carried out the foreclosure and eviction. After holding a sit-in at a local branch, and gathering thousands of petition signatures online, Bank of America promptly reached out to Mildred and began negotiations. Today, Mildred can claim victory as those negotiations have finally resulted in a deal that will keep her in her home permanently. Her fight for housing justice has just begun however, as she pledged today to continue the fight alongside the millions of others who are facing housing crisis. Today's win marks a historic victory for the movement, proving that solutions can be worked out, even after eviction. The tactic of moving homeowners back in post-eviction harkens back to the days of the Great Depression, when communities would band together to move their neighbors' possessions back in after eviction, eventually leading to a moratorium being enacted in 27 states around the country. Bold actions like the ones taken by Ms. Obi and her community are necessary to fight the current crisis, which has left millions of Americans displaced since 2007. Next month, Mildred will face a judge in Washington DC, for charges of unlawful entry for blocking the revolving doors of Covington and Burling, the white-collar law firm with clients such as Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. The firm, once home to Attorney General Eric Holder, has maintained a consistent revolving door policy with the Department of Justice, who five years after the start of the crisis, has yet to prosecute a single top level Wall Street executive for the financial crisis. Instead, on October 7, the US Attorney will try Mildred along with two other grandmothers who were arrested alongside her. Along with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, today's victory would not have been possible without the help of the American Friends Service Committee, National Action Network, and the Rainbow Push Coalition.
    1,872 Signatures
    Created by Occupy Homes Atlanta
  • M & T Bank: Negotiate with Gayle Lindsey
    After a successful campaign with Occupy Homes MN, Gayle won a loan modification from M&T Bank!
    49 Signatures
    Created by Residents of south Minneapolis Picture
  • Parkwood Farms WON!
    On Tuesday June 25th, Dr. Marilyn Peterson signed papers finalizing the end of her struggle to keep her home, and the home of Parkwood Farms Therapy Center. The day was filled with hugs and smiles as volunteers, parents, and children had the cloud of eviction lifted from a place where so many find healing and peace. Parkwood Farms is no longer at risk of eviction, and in fact Dr. Peterson now owns her home and the property used by Parkwood Farms Therapy Center.
    2,327 Signatures
    Created by Tim Franzen
  • Don't Evict Me from My Home of 20 Years
    After a year-long journey fighting her wrongful foreclosure, Rose McGee has won a settlement with CitiMortgage and Fannie Mae to stay in her home.
    9,662 Signatures
    Created by Rose McGee
  • US Bank & OCWEN: Don't Evict Cancer Patient Jacqueline Barber & Keep Her Family In Their Home!!
    After an almost year long fight, we're elated to announce that Jacqueline Barber has worked out a deal that will keep her and her family in their home for good! Jacqueline, a retired police detective who has been fighting a rare form of bone marrow cancer, was facing eviction when she first reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta last October. Jacqueline was dual tracked and her mortgage documents were filled with forged signatures, and like millions of Americans she was now faced with losing her home. But after fighting for a year, Wall Street backed down and agreed to let Jaqueline and her family keep their home The fight hasn't been easy. We launched a 24-hour occupation on Jacqueline's yard to defend her home from an eviction attempt. We held actions at bank branches and headquarters around the country- often having to change targets as the responsibility for her foreclosure shifted from servicer to servicer. Jacqueline even traveled to Minneapolis to personally deliver a message to US Bank with the help of Occupy Homes MN. All the while, Jacqueline's health declined as the stress of a looming eviction accelerated her battle with cancer. But we persisted, and Jacqueline refused to give up. With the help of supporters and our allies like the Home Defenders League we spread Jacqueline's story around the world. Thousands of people around the country signed petitions, made phone calls, and took actions on Jacqueline's behalf. Last week, Jacqueline purchased her home back from Ocwen and US Bank at a price she can afford. Today, Jacqueline and her four grandchildren can rest easy knowing that they no longer face the threat of imminent eviction. This amazing victory wouldn't be possible without your support and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    7,176 Signatures
    Created by Occupy Homes Atlanta