To: NY State Attorney Generals Office

Stop the Eviction of Arthur Wood and Investigate the Evidence

Stop the Eviction of Arthur Wood and Investigate the Evidence

To Whom It May Concern:

We the undersigned citizens respectfully demand an immediate stop to the eviction proceeding against Mr. Arthur N. Wood from his iconic building of thirty years, called the Broken Angel. We urge a thorough investigation by the New York State Attorney Generals Office into documented evidence that has failed to reach the ears of the courts. There appears to be evidence that points to predatory lending, fraud, racketeering and unlawful eviction and arrest. Councilman (now Senator) Tony Avella met with Mr. Wood and after looking through the documents that he brought to his office, wrote an urgent letter to the Brooklyn, DA asking them to investigate and yet nothing was done. At every turn Mr. Wood has been denied a trial. Since the death of his wife, Arthur has suffered greatly. He wants justice and wishes for an unbiased investigation into the Department of Buildings and their dealings with developers, politicians and banks so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Arthur’s wife, Cynthia wife died broken hearted and without her home, stating on camera that “they may as well have shot us in the head”.

In 2006, just days after a small unexplained fire on the top of their iconic building, an elderly artist couple, Arthur and Cynthia Wood were preemptively force evicted and arrested from their building of 28 years. The Housing Departments solution to "keeping them safe" from the imminent danger of their home was to put them in the street where they lived outside their home in a Volkswagon during the cold winter months. Desperate, traumatized and anxious to return home, the Woods were vulnerable to people who claimed that they would help them and that they would restore their building to them to live in for the rest of their lives. They didn’t have much choice since the Department of Buildings threatened to tear the building to grade and the elderly couple were not allowed back in. The Department of Buildings and a local politician encouraged a partnership with a local developer. The developer went into partnership with Arthur whereby he owned half of the property and then made a loan from a lending institution, Madison Realty Capital using the property of the Woods as collateral, although he allegedly collected substantial sums of money and was Construction Manager. The developer received and dispensed of the funds. The Department of Buildings for their part kept putting stop work orders on the building and after two years it was never completed. The beautiful architectural structures and stained glass of Mr. Wood were shamelessly dismantled down to the last brick arch. The Woods had no control of the loan and the project was never finished. Despite a alleged loan of more than two million dollars, the building was not complete and Madison Capital Realty L.P. foreclosed for a huge sum of money, more then half of which was allegedly never actually lent to the project. It is reported that Madison Realty sold the property to themselves at auction for a few thousand dollars and kept the public from participating in the sale. From then on they have fought to have Arthur evicted from his home and for good measure, they want an additional 25000 “for his rent” since they claim that he stayed past the foreclosure date. (The place is unheated and has no hot water). Arthur is 81 years old and has nowhere to go.

Why is this important?

This could happen to YOU. Do you know how many people are homeless due to code complications after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy? Should you have any recourse if someone from a government agency reports that your home is unsafe and that you must leave? With Preemptive forced eviction you are put out of your home IMMEDIATELY? Do you think that you are not in danger because you pay your bills and taxes? Mr. and Mrs. Wood owed no money on their home and had won a case regarding illegal building in the 1980’s against the Department of Buildings and yet years later and at the whim of officials, their home is being taken from them in a series of well orchestrated moves. Mr. Wood, now eighty one years old has been defending himself in the courts, not only fighting for his right to housing but for all of us. Thank you for your support.

How it will be delivered

To be hand delivered to the office of the Attorney General

The Brooklyn Angel Building,  4 and 8 Downing Street, Brooklyn,  New York  11238-7696

Reasons for signing

  • Arthur Wood is being treated UNFAIRLY.
  • No older American should ever be taken advantage of by predatory lenders.
  • Leave this artist alone.