To: Glenn Barker,CEO of Citizens Tri-County Bank in Dunlap,Tennessee.

Stop Citizens Tri-County Bank From Putting My 86 Year Old mentally Ill Mother On the Street!

Stop  Citizens Tri-County Bank From Putting My 86 Year Old mentally Ill Mother On the Street!

Dear Citizens Tri-County Bank,
Please work with the Horn family to find a solution that keeps them in their home. Our communities need solutions, not foreclosures and evictions.

Why is this important?

Many times as we reflect back on our lives, we think, "if we could have done something different, maybe we could have changed someones life or even saved them." I know you can't save everyone, but you can save this "one."

My mom is 86 years old. She is mentally incompetent because of advanced dementia. Her and my dad (now deceased) had a small retail business on the front street of their small town for 60 years. They did everything right. They had excellent credit. They taught us right from wrong, most importantly, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and to always take care of the less fortunate. Besides their retail business they invested in property on the side because they wanted something for their retirement and they always wanted to give something to their children.

In 2008, the economic crash hit. My dad was dying, spending the last 15 months of his life bedridden. My mom got all of this dumped into her lap. She could not cope. This accelerated her mental decline. The four investment properties she had were foreclosed upon by Citizens Tri-County Bank. Citizens Tri-County Bank then claimed this wasn't enough to pay the debt.

Knowing that her house of 45 years was free and clear, they are attempting to place a lien on the home in order to repossess it, which would leave her homeless. When the bank found out she transferred the home to her adult children 18 months ago, they sued her children for fraudulent transfer. They are determined to get the home. Citizens Tri-County Bank is holding my mothers adult children and her house hostage.

Our message to Citizens Tri County Bank is simple, you've gotten enough out of this family. It's time to do the right thing and make a deal that keeps us in our home.

Please call/Email Citizens Tri-County Bank CEO Glenn Barker at 423-949-2173/ and encourage him to do the right thing.

How it will be delivered

In Person

Dunlap, TN

Reasons for signing

  • Find a Heart !!!
  • As a victim of bank fraud myself, I will not idly sit back and be silent. If you wish to satisfy the debt, then get in line in probate court when the lady passes, but to take her home now is reprehensible. You have already foreclosed on the investment properties, take your loss and go, as this action of taking the lady's only home shows that you are a greed monger and nothing more.
  • Bankers to greedy