To: HSBC Bank and Everhome Mortgage

Parkwood Farms WON!

On Tuesday June 25th, Dr. Marilyn Peterson signed papers finalizing the end of her struggle to keep her home, and the home of Parkwood Farms Therapy Center. The day was filled with hugs and smiles as volunteers, parents, and children had the cloud of eviction lifted from a place where so many find healing and peace. Parkwood Farms is no longer at risk of eviction, and in fact Dr. Peterson now owns her home and the property used by Parkwood Farms Therapy Center.

Parkwood Farms WON!

Parkwood Farms is dedicated to enriching the lives of physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged children and adults by offering a spectrum of therapeutic services in one, safe, and loving environment. Our community simply can't afford to lose Parkwood Farms. Please negotiate with Parkwood Farms so the program can continue to bring much needed hope, healing, and love to our children and our community.

Why is this important?

A special thank you from Parkwood Farms
My name is Dr. Marilyn Peterson, and I own the property that houses Parkwood Farms, a therapeutic riding center in Snellville for children with disabilities. My family and I, along with our horses, are facing eviction.

I am asking for support – help me save my farm and the important service it provides to children with disabilities.

The Sheriff's department arrived on Wednesday with an eviction notice, even though we did not receive a warning beforehand. We have decided to stay and fight. Without the farm, we have no income. One of my sons is fully disabled, while another never leaves the house due to his Asperger's. It was their disabilities that inspired me to begin the therapeutic farm to begin with, eleven years ago.

We compete every year in the Gwinnett County Special Olympics, and brought home gold this year. This riding center means so much to so many children and their families, many of whom do not deal well with change. My heart breaks for them, when they find out they will no longer be able to ride their horses. They have come so far.

While the eviction blindsided me, I’ve been fighting the banks for over two years now. My case is actually in litigation right now in federal court. I received a predatory loan in 2004, and when I refinanced it in 2011, I was told that the terms would be good for "the life of the loan."

What they didn't tell me was that the 'life of the loan' was only two years. The people handling my foreclosure say that so many things are wrong with this that they are doing it pro bono. The contract, the way the proceedings were handled, and even the way I was given the loan are under federal investigation.

My loan company -- Everhome Mortgage, based out of Jacksonville, Florida -- went through the magistrate to bypass the federal investigation. So as of last night at 6:30 p.m., no more classes will be held at the Farm.

We’re praying for a miracle.

-Snellville Patch contributed to this story.

Snellville, GA

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  • This is sick, greedy, immoral and filthy on the part of HSBC! Torturing children and their adoptive mother!!!!


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