To: Bank of America

Stop Bank of America from Evicting a Reverend

Stop Bank of America from Evicting a Reverend

I've spent my life serving God and my community. When I became disabled and my income dropped, I reached out and asked for a modification so that I could continue to pay my mortgage. You denied my request and set me up for foreclosure and eviction.

As a young man, my church threw me out for being gay. I renewed my faith in God and started a church for my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

With that same resolve, I will fight for my home and the homes of my brothers and sisters being thrown out on the streets by bankers like you.

I ask that you modify my mortgage so that I am able to live with dignity as I grow old and continue serving God and my community.

Why is this important?

For more than two decades Reverend Robert Michael Vanzant has been a pillar of strength in his community in Northeast DC. He opened his heart and his home--his friends and neighbors have made his home a place of shelter for the less fortunate and a place of compassion for those in need of healing. Now Bank of America wants to take it all away.

BoA believes they can profit by flipping his house in the gentrifying Fort Totten region.

Washington, DC

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Reasons for signing

  • Find a Heart !!!
  • I support social justice
  • Bank of America is in business unethically and is shameful to the American people. We do not want banks in business who deal in BAD FAITH with any American. Shut down BofA and allow the Reverend to live in peace without interference.