To: The City of Atlanta

Stand With Peoplestown Residents Fighting Displacement!

Stand With Peoplestown Residents Fighting Displacement!

Tell Mayor Kasim Reed and the Urban Design Commission they should REJECT the plan to demolish a block of historic homes in Atlanta's Peoplestown Community. The City of Atlanta needs to hault their plan to displace Mattie Jackson and her neighbors!!

Why is this important?

Tanya Washington: My neighbors and I live in Peoplestown, in Atlanta, Georgia, one of many historic minority neighborhoods across the country that is being targeted for gentrification. I purchased my home four years ago and planned to raise my children here in a neighborhood that I love. The City of Atlanta wants to replace homeowners in Peoplestown with a park and a pond, and it is threatening to take residents' property via eminent domain to achieve its goal.

The City claims that flooding in our neighborhood is the reason for our displacement, but many of our homes don’t flood and the City refuses to consider other plans that could address the flooding that does occur and allow us to stay. I believe the City is using flooding as an excuse for moving us out and making room for new residents and development.

I have been resisting these efforts for almost 2 years now and I am so grateful to Occupy Homes for their organizing support around helping me and my neighbors to stay in the homes we love!

Mr and Ms. Darden: I have lived in my home for more than 25 years. I don’t trust the City when it says that it needs my house to address the flooding. Over the past year I have watched the City demolish house after house on my block. It hurts to go to work in the morning and come home for lunch and see half of a neighbor’s house and then return to work and come home that evening to find the whole house gone. The City sends threatening letters that made some of my neighbors accept small settlements for their homes. I miss my neighbors and I can’t go anywhere in the City and find a house like mine in this location for what the City has offered. It’s a shame and I’m not giving up or giving in!

Tanya Washington: The story of development, displacement and gentrification in Peoplestown is happening all across the nation. People don’t want to just move into our neighborhoods they want to take over our neighborhoods. This isn’t fair and we are organizing and fighting the City to remain in our homes. We’ve invested in our homes and in our community and we are determined to set an example of resistance for other urban communities facing gentrification.

Most of the residents on the block whose homes flood have moved away and their homes have been demolished. There are only 8 of 28 families remaining on the block and the City wants to displace these residents, many of whom experience no flooding, with a park and pond. The City maintains it is taking homes to save residents from phantom flooding they don’t experience. What I want to know is who will save us, the people of Peoplestown from the City? It is clear that if we don’t fight to stay we will be displaced. We Shall Not Be Moved!

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Reasons for signing

  • Eminent domain should not be used as an excuse for gentrification nor should our leaders displace those to whom they should answer. This is stealing, especially when the residents are not given enough for their houses should they get tired of the fight. The Goliath that is the city and leadership needs to understand that we the people have stones to throw and we the people need to start throwing them in the form of votes.
  • Eminent Domain is theft. Period.
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to stay in their homes while the city is changing and growing. Fair and equal housing for all people.


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The City plans to demolish homes in the heart of Peoplestown and build a park and pond, which it claims will address flooding issues.

The Dept of Watershed's own expert, other engineers and environmental organizations have proposed plans that will be less costly, more efficient, more sustainable and will not call for the displacement of homeowners.

The Urban Development Commission expressed concerns about the City's plans to demolish homes in Peoplestown and about the City's failure to provide residents with any notice of the petition hearing.

Despite these concerns, the City is moving forward with its plans which includes demolition of several homes that the City does not own and which do not flood.

Residents of Peoplestown, including 92 year old civil rights activist Mattie Jackson, are opposed to these plans and refuse to give in to the City's threats to take and demolish their homes.

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If you're in Atlanta join us on Thursday!

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