To: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Son of Deceased Naval Captain Fights to Save the Family Home

Son of Deceased Naval Captain Fights to Save the Family Home

Dear Jamie Dimon, I have written you two letters and each one has been replied by an automated response stating there is nothing your bank can do for a reasonable loan mod/assumption. If you had personally read each letter you would have seen how my parents were taken advantage of by your Bank and now you are taking advantage of me. Please negotiate with me, Charles A. Whitmore Jr. so I can keep the house my mother and father built. Could everyone please call Customer Assistance Specialist Gulnur Yaraner 877-496-3138 ext 3222084 and tell her to give Charlie a fair deal.

Why is this important?

In the past 3 years Charlie has had to grieve the loss of his parents and struggle through many processes. Charlie is now losing the battle to modify with Chase Bank in order to stop Foreclosure and save his Family Home. A home designed and constructed by the late, Charles Whitmore Sr. and Barbara Whitmore, back in 1979. The reality is that property could be lost to the Whitmore Family forever.
Chase Bank has been filing wrong paperwork, imputing forms incorrectly, and losing paperwork. Unfortunately, while in the process of waiting for Chase Bank to send the final modification paperwork, Charlie was waiting to sign, his mother suddenly fell ill. Hospitalized Barbara laid in bed with a breathing tube, barely coherent, until a few weeks went by, then she passed away suddenly. Distraught by his mothers passing, Charlie spent the next few weeks grieving, in his grief arose a strong desire to finish what he had begun and take over the Family Home.
To his dismay when Charlie contacted Chase and asked once again about getting the same final terms and why he had yet to receive the forms, he mentioned as well his Mothers untimely passing. Chase Bank responded by changing the agreed upon loan modification because, Barbara had passed away. Chase Bank only offered Charlie a slightly lower monthly payment but a new loan priced, $56,000 dollars more than the previous mod offer. If Charlie didn't accept this new offer, no negotiations, he would lose the house to Foreclosure and Chase Bank will auction his Family Home.

The negligence displayed by Chase Bank Employees is evidence they purposely mislead Charlie and are at fault by delaying the process. Chase Bank made many paperwork errors, effecting the timeliness for Charlie to accept the reasonable loan before, the untimely death of his mother. Charlie has paperwork to prove there was ample amount of time for him to have assumed the first offered presented by Chase Bank, but Chase hindered the whole process until it was too late. Now, they want to Foreclose the Family home and take it.

Charlie's Father, Retired Naval Captain, Charles Whitmore Sr. passed away in April of 2010, from a rapid progression of Dementia. The onset of his condition had only come to light in late winter 2008, about a year and half before his untimely death. However, in the early stages of Charles Dementia there were people who took advantage of his mental state and his situation at that time. Those people were from Chase Bank who claimed they could him modify a pre-existing Country Wide payment, by the time papers were signed it was too late. Charles Sr. became trapped unknowingly.
When Charles Whitmore Sr. passed away in 2010 he left everything to his beloved Wife, Barbara. Barbara had a stroke in 1996, which left her incapable of walking and unable to verbally communicate. Charles Sr. tended to all the needs and care for Barbara the best he knew how. The only remaining child of three, between Barbara and Charles Sr. was their Son, Charles Whitmore Jr. Charlie moved into the Family home to care for his mother, Barbara.
In the last year and a half of her life, Barbara Whitmore enjoyed new moments with her son and grandchild. Charlie began taking her to church where she loved sitting up front. Charlie began the process to modify the loan on the home for his mother. Records Charlie has show him attempt multiple occasions to accept a reasonable mod presented by Chase to Charlie months prior to the death of Barbara Whitmore.

As of today Chase has been offered a payment close to what Charlie’s parents were paying plus the bank has tacked on $107,000 to the already underwater loan of 612,000. On top of this Chase has required Charlie get homeowners insurance for the total amount of the loan which is illegal in the state of California. Chase keeps saying that Charlie isn’t negotiating with them but when you look at the terms of the loan, the penalties and what Charlie would be signing for is a “A Fool’s Loan”.

Charlie has contacted Wolf Law Firm - Chase Banks Foreclosure People out of Los Angeles and they have stated Charlie has approximately one month before they foreclose, they don't negotiate

How it will be delivered

Email - but I may consider delivering in person

Reasons for signing

  • I served on the USS Renshaw DD-499 under Capt. Whitmore, and I knew Barbara. I am not happy that the family of such a fine naval officer and fine person is being treated this way.
  • Find a Heart !!!
  • Its the right thing to do.