To: Ronald M Faris, Ocwen CEO

Ocwen: Don't Evict Filson Manley From His Home

Ocwen: Don't Evict Filson Manley From His Home

Dear Ocwen Financial Corporatino, Please negotiate with Filson Manley so he can keep his home.

Why is this important?

My business experienced a downturn during the 2008 economic crisis, and I in turn, got behind on my mortgage payments. I applied for and was given a loan modification through the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, created by president Obama. When I was approved for the HAMP modification, I was told that it would be made permanent after three months.

I made those first three payments, but then in the fourth month, One West Bank rescinded my HAMP modification because they said I had failed to send in one sheet of paper, a balance sheet. They were required by law to notify me in writing so that I could dispute the modification loss, but I never received a notification or a phone call to tell me about it, even though they had my number and called me constantly on a variety of issues.

I sent them my paperwork, on time, every time, but One West bank repeatedly and unapologetically lost it. One West Bank bought my original loan servicer, Indy Mac, for pennies on the dollar, after Indy Mac found themselves holding $11 billion dollars in loans, which they were unable to sell in a depressed market. This was after IndyMac spent years making huge profits trading mortgages and a scandal involving fabricated accounting numbers. At that point, One West Bank became my new loan company.

I’ve been on the phone with One West bank hundreds of times, and dealing with them has been the most frustrating experience of my life. You’re never allowed to speak directly to a person in authority. Repeatedly, they would tell me something on one day, but when I would call back three days or a week later, the new representative would tell me the exact opposite. It’s impossible to speak to the same person more than once, so every time you call, you have to re-tell your story, but for the most part, they don’t care what your story is, because their job is to take care of the check boxes on the computer screen. All One West representatives are essentially just talking heads on the phone, who act as a barrier between the homeowner and the underwriters and decision makers who you’re never allowed to speak to.

Multiply this across 200 phone calls, and you can begin to understand the frustration people feel when dealing with Mortgage servicers like One West Bank. Often, One West representatives would tell me a blatant lie, just to get me off the phone.

After my HAMP loan modification was rescinded, One West Bank sent me another HAMP application and asked me to complete it, which took me 3 days. I submitted the new HAMP application, after which One West Bank told me I shouldn’t have applied for it, because I wasn’t eligible for it.

After my house failed to sell in the first auction, they began sending me new loan modification applications, three in total, all of which I filled out and all of which they denied. This process wasted hundreds of hours of my time and caused me to spend uncounted time on the phone with them, tracking down lost documents or resending them. This was an egregious waste of my time, and amounted to One West Bank building up my hopes repeatedly, only to crush them. Eventually, I began to feel like I was working within a system designed to keep me hopeful, distracted and occupied while they worked to get my house sold to the highest bidder at the earliest opportunity.

I want to keep my home, which I’ve lived in since 1994, and I’m willing to work to do so, but One West bank has proved to be a morass of bureaucracy designed not to help the homeowner, but to speed them down the assembly-line of foreclosure so that One West Bank can make profits from their purchase of the assets of IndyMac.

I believe that One West bank cares little about home-owners and a great deal about generating profits at any cost. Their system for dealing with homeowners and managing federal HAMP funds paid for by American Taxpayers is arcane, convoluted, impenetrable and disorganized. I believe this is their way of keeping homeowners at arms length and yoked under a feeling of powerlessness while they accelerate the foreclosure process. I have experienced these feelings times a thousand through this three year process.

Now Ocwen Financial Corporation has somehow become the owner of my home in this process and is threatening me with eviction.

I just want to be allowed to remain in the home I've shared with my three dogs for the last two decades. After years of fighting to keep my home and two foreclosure auctions that were failed attempts to sell my home, I'm asking Ocwen to negotiate with me so that I can stay in my home.

Chattanooga, TN

Reasons for signing

  • I live in chattanooga and facing kind of the same. I am fighting and will continue to fight, would like a support system here in chatt if anyone knows of any???
  • Everybody needs their home more than a banker needs it.
  • I have been fighting Bank of America for over 2 yrs on a loan modification


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