To: Bank of America

No More Veteran Evictions!

No More Veteran Evictions!

Negotiate with me, so that my granddaughter and me can remain in our home.

Why is this important?

My name is Sgt Johnson. After more than 20 years of service, I retired from the Army and bought a home in Lithonia Georgia in May of 2006. I had every Man's dream of retirement. I wanted to enjoy my community, watch the birds at my bird feeder, feed the squirrels, and provide a home for my granddaughter. I had a mortgage through Freemont Mortgage Company, I paid my bills, and was enjoying life.

My mortgage was an 80/20 arrangement. 80% of the loan was 30 year fixed. 20% was fixed for 53 months. Apparently Freemont Mortgage sold my loan to Country Wide Mortgage. As we all know, Country Wide went bankrupt and became a part of Bank of America. This was when the trouble started.

I was notified that the 53 month 20% portion of my mortgage was now a 15 year loan. I complained about this change to Bank of America and received a letter stating that it was not a 15 year loan by a 30 year loan! Things were going downhill fast.

I was unable to get any clear answers from Bank of America. After multiple calls and letters I stopped making mortgage payments in the hope that this would force some straight answers in March of 2011. No such luck. In July of 2011 I received a letter that a foreclosure action was in progress. I hired an attorney. My attorney managed to get the foreclosure delayed but accomplished little else.

A letter was allegedly sent to me indicating that foreclosure was again imminent. I never received this letter. The County claims to have sent notification about an eviction hearing--I did not receive that notice either. In May of 2013 the Sheriff's Department showed up at my home with a crew. All my belongings were thrown into the street. The next day I moved my belongings back into MY house and hired a new attorney. My current attorney has file a suit in Superior Court.

I have now been served with an Intrusion Warrant--presumably because I moved back into MY home. Bank of America is trying to throw my granddaughter and me into the streets because they don't want to live up to the terms of the original mortgage! This is an intolerable situation. Please sign my petition. Bank of America must learn that they cannot trample on the rights of small borrowers! A career of military service to this country should not be rewarded with eviction!

Lithonia, GA, United States

Reasons for signing

  • I'm tired of the story but I wish that more people would tell it. The companies that are holding these mortgages and the politicians have managed to shame people into not speaking up and speaking out. Your woes may be your fault, partially or completely but scream like it's not, make them tell you how they are not profiting from you misery, through fraud and deceit .
  • No more homeless vets
  • Its time to stop the madness. So many people have lost their homes due to mortgage fraud and we are the ones who suffer.


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