To: NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE, Freddie Mac, & FHFA Director Mel Watt

Nationstar & Freddie Mac: Reduce Our Mortgage Principal and Interest So We Can Stay in Our Home!

Nationstar & Freddie Mac: Reduce Our Mortgage Principal and Interest So We Can Stay in Our Home!

Reduce Our Mortgage Principal and Interest So We Can Stay in Our Home under our present income structure and keep our neighborhood from getting,yet another foreclosure.

Why is this important?

: I am a retiree from Lucent Technologies where I worked for nearly 25 years. I was forced to take early retirement because the company went out of business here in the US to take up cheaper operations overseas. My wife and I always wanted to move to Georgia so I took my retirement fund to get our family re-established in Atlanta.

We lived in an apartment in Cobb County for 5 and a half years until we qualified for a mortgage with Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker Mortgage Bank. My wife and I have been in our Dekalb County home since 2008 and have made 6 years of memories here. This home has special meaning for us because it’s the 1st property we owned in GA and we were able to finish raising our children here. It’s somewhere they can call home.

Since moving to Georgia, I have been a real estate agent, security guard and a substitute teacher. I just turned 60 years old this past November so my wife and I are just 2 years away from collecting my Social Security Insurance retirement benefits.

I’ve earned Bachelors and Masters degrees, but still I’m finding it difficult to get hired in this economy at my advanced age. I have knee pain so I’m not able to do physical labor anymore. My wife became ill in 2009. She then worked for the U.S. Postal service as a temp until they downsized and she was laid off. I was laid off of my job as a Security Officer 18 months ago.

We were able to get a loan modification in 2011. That went well until I was laid off. We filed for bankruptcy protection, but because we were not able to get meaningful employment, things continued to go south. We have struggled even more since my son got married last March and moved out, leaving us without his extra income. The bankruptcy was dismissed in December of 2013 because we didn’t have enough to pay the mortgage and the bankruptcy fees.

At present, Nationstar wants us to hand over the keys for a meagre amount of cash, or face foreclosure.

If Nationstar will work with us instead of giving us the run around and issuing threats, we could stay in our home and afford it with my pension and the Social Security retirement income I’ll be eligible for in November 2015.

Dekalb County doesn’t need another vacant home and we need the principal reduction way more than the speculative investors buying up houses in our area. We demand that Nationstar work with us instead of foreclosing on and evicting senior citizens.

How it will be delivered

By hand if possible?

3421 Tarragon Dr, Decatur, GA, United States

Reasons for signing

  • Because this is a VERY important issue. Companies should work with homeowners that are sincerely trying to pay instead of kicking folks out of their homes.
  • I signed because this is such a doable fix. I signed because it's the right thing to do.
  • I have a heart; doesn't nearly everybody?


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