To: Jamie Dimon, Chase bank

¡Mi casa es tu casa! My home is your home!

¡Mi casa es tu casa! My home is your home!

All we ask for is a modification to an affordable payment based on the market value of our home. We are not leaving our home!

Lo que pedimos es que nos modifiquen el precio para que los pagos sean más razonables en conformé los precios del mercado y el valor de nuestra casa. ¡No dejaremos nuestro hogar!


Sergio and Jonathan Ceballos
4120 14th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Why is this important?

I raised my children here, and they go to school in the neighborhood. I don’t want my children forced out of the community they grew up in, and have their lives disrupted by having to relocate in the middle of the school year.

Mis hijos crecieron en esta vecindad y asisten sus escuelas por esta área de vecindad. Yo no quiero que mis hijos se sientan forzados de salir de su comunidad en cuales ellos crecieron, y tener que sentirse incómodos durante sus estudios escolares.

I along with my three children Jonathan, Kaily, and Jordan Ceballos have been living in our home for about 12 years now at 4120 14th Ave South in Minneapolis, Minnesota . My wife and I divorced in 2010, leaving all bills and payments to me and I was unable to keep up with the $1,375 monthly payments. I have repeatedly contacted Chase bank pleading for a modification but so far you have been unwilling to work with my family. Though Chase wouldn’t modify my loan to an affordable rate based on the real value of the house, they sold my home to themselves at the sheriff sale for about half the price of what I bought it for.

We will remain in our home and we have faith that by fighting for justice we will keep our home. In addition, we are building support from our neighbors with the help of Occupy Homes MN and a coalition of community, labor, faith, and peace groups. In fact, a supportive community barbecue will be held on April 21st, to bring awareness to our case and a huge crowd is expected!

We are anxious about this matter and will continue to follow up until we can work out a reasonable solution to keep us in our home. Once again, all we ask for is a modification to an affordable payment based on the market value of our home.

Sincerely, Sergio and Jonathan Ceballos

Sinceramente, Sergio y Jonathan Ceballos

4120 14th Ave South Minneapolis, MN

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Reasons for signing

  • Respect Existence or Expect Resistance
  • I was just denied a loan modification this month as well.
  • same issue