To: Colony American Homes

Keep Tammy Doe in her home!

Keep Tammy Doe in her home!

Work with me so I can keep my home of 18 years.

Why is this important?

My name is Tammy Doe and I purchased my house in 1996. This house is family and I have raised all of my children here. Those memories linger on because we have been here for so long. All of my children went to school in this neighborhood, finished high school here, and started college. 3917 Leisure Woods Drive is more than an address--it's our life story.

I worked with EMC mortgage and was approved for the HAMP program to reduce my payments in 2009. I was making payments on my modification on time. When my mortgage was transferred to Chase in 2010, they told me that I did not have a HAMP modification and that I was not eligible for a modification because the record was unclear. No one could identify who owed what to whom!

Chase foreclosed on this house and I was able to have it stopped. In 2013, an independent foreclosure review issued me a check for $300.00 as a settlement for deficient mortgage servicing and foreclosure processes. Three hundred dollars is just gas money! I've hired a lawyer to help me with a wrongful foreclosure suit, but while things are still unresolved, my family and I have lived in fear of eviction.

In April, I received a dispossessory warrant from ColFin Al-GA 1 that said we were in our home after the term of a lease. I have never signed a lease and I had never heard of this company! Why would I rent the home I have owned for 18 years?

I did some Internet research and found a page that said Colony American Homes purchased my home for less than half of what I paid. When I contacted Colony about this, they said they buy homes at foreclosure auctions to turn them into rentals. There is no record that my home sold on the date they say they bought it! We haven't had our day in court and Colony is pushing to evict my family from our home of 18 years.

I want to keep my home and my family together. Please sign my petition.

3917 Leisure Woods Drive in Decatur, GA where my house is family too.


Reasons for signing

  • Please keep this lady in her home! ALSO, please help me--sign my petition under the name of Cindie Parmelee here on this same OOHA website. Shame on these banks!
  • I pray that Tammy will be able to stay in her home of 18 years. She has built a future here.
  • Supporting the family to stay in their home!


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Awesome foreclosure free cookout today at Tammy's! Dozens of neighbors came out and committed to fight to keep Tammy in her home! Check out one of the pictures from today:

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