To: Performance View LLC

Keep Latonia and her children in their home!

Thanks to you and the support of thousands of people around the country, single mother Latonia Wilson and her eight children continue to have a roof over their heads. After stopping Latonia’s home from being auctioned off at the Fulton County Courthouse, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta helped her negotiate a deal with her mortgage owner, Performance View LLC, that will keep her family in her home. Read more at Once again, public pressure and community support have proven to be an effective tool for fighting against shady, unfair corporate practices.

Keep Latonia and her children in their home!

Come to the table and work out a deal that I can afford to keep a roof over our heads!

Why is this important?

My name is Ms. Latonia Wilson and my journey began in December 2006 when my family moved into my home at 1428 Eason Street NW Atlanta, GA.

I am a proud mother of 9 children with 1 who has moved on to heaven. I have 8 children who rely on me for food and shelter, comfort and direction. Their ages range from 9 to 23 years old. I am currently experiencing foreclosure and I am in need of help. I want to keep my home and a roof over my children's heads. As a single parent of 7 growing children still enrolled in public school, I have raised my children to be mindful and respectful of people, school, and authorities. To lose my home would cause my children to separate and no longer be a part of the solution but part of the problem we face with troubled youths in society today. Many children who are homeless face the burden of the shame of displacement and are shunned by their peers. All of my children have excelled in school and have no disciplinary record.

Back in December 2006 I was renting my home for $850.00 a month to be paid by money order. After one and a half years of renting from this individual things started to get a little strange. He didn't want money orders any more and instead insisted that all payments be made monthly by cash only. I felt uneasy giving anybody cash so I contacted the Magistrate Court to see who owned the home. I found out that the landlord's name was on the deed, and the home was in foreclosure.

After the home went through foreclosure the first time I was contacted by the new owner, Performance View LLC, who offered me the opportunity to lease to purchase. After 8 months of successfully making payments to Performance View LLC, the down payment requirement was met and I took ownership of the house. My home was financed by Performance View LLC for $50,000 with an 8% interest rate. Thereafter, I started making mortgage payments of $553.88 for seven months. Then I lost my job due to new management at work. I was self employed as a bathroom attendant 5 days a week at several popular clubs here in Atlanta, GA. After losing my job, I immediately applied for food stamps and began searching for financial stability. Indeed, being unemployed with seven children who depend on me is stressful. Many nights as I watch my children sleep I wonder what is going to happen if I am put out on the streets with my seven children. As a mother I feel helpless, ashamed, and afraid. But through it all I continue to pray and have found hope through Occupy Our Homes Atlanta. Shame on Performance View LLC for trying to auction off my home on the courthouse steps instead of working with me to keep my family from becoming homeless!

1428 Eason Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA

Reasons for signing

  • Find a Heart !!!
  • Foreclosure doesn't serve lenders' shareholders any better than it does mortgagees. Working out modifications to allow people to stay in their homes is almost always less expensive for the lender as well as incomparably more humane. Exercise some common sense here!
  • WHY aren't these lenders in JAIL ?


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