To: John Wieland Homes

Justice for the Figaro Family

Justice for the Figaro Family

Reimburse me what I paid for a house that wasn't built up to code. Compensate my family for the strife we've been through since moving into a home built on corrupt corporate policies.

Why is this important?

A few years ago I moved to Atlanta from California. My family and I had saved money and commissioned a house to be built by John Wieland Homes in the Smyrna area. Because my wife is disabled we had it built with full handicapped access and an elevator so my wife could get upstairs easily.

We contacted Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards and he closed his eyes to the building permit violations. When presented with documentation he refused to act.

After moving from California and into our new home we started facing all kinds of electrical problems. The hot water heater blew out three times, our double oven got fried, and we went through three TVs which all blew out thanks to faulty wiring. After contacting the power company to tell them about these problems the fire department came out and turned off our electricity due to the hazards created by the wiring.

It ended up that John Wieland Homes hadn't been approved for the electrical permit they needed to build the house. The builder turned the power on anyway, creating a dangerous situation and committing a crime in the process.

Because of the fraud committed by John Wieland Homes I was stuck with a house I had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for that was dangerous to my family. Since I had paid upfront for the house all of the equity was mine. However, we had to move to a safer location as we were living in a house that should have been condemned from the start. I took out equity on the house in order to afford rent somewhere else. The plan was to rent elsewhere until a settlement was reached holding John Wieland Homes accountable for their wrongdoing. Instead the county turned a blind eye and I ended up losing a home I had paid for in full at a foreclosure auction.

Now my wife and I live in a non-accessible home and I have to watch her crawl up the stairs to get to bed at night.

I want John Wieland Homes to be held accountable for scamming me out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I want my money back. Sign my petition to help me shame John Wieland, expose injustice, and earn some restitution for the years of strife I've gone through.

College Park, GA

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  • Do what is right?
  • It's the humane thing to do!
  • Find a Heart !!!