To: Jamie Dimon: Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

JP Morgan Chase: Negotiate with Jaymie Kelly

JP Morgan Chase: Negotiate with Jaymie Kelly

Dear JP Morgan Chase,

My name is Jaymie “Jayne D.” Kelly and I was born in the house on the other end of the block from where I currently live. I lived in that house for 24 years. To assert my independence, I moved half a block down and rented a 1 bedroom right next to my brother’s family. When my late husband and I married in 1979, we wanted to buy a house near my elderly parents to help care for them. We jumped when this house became available, excited to raise a family on the same block where I have lived for 55 of my 63 years. Now, Chase Bank wants to throw me out.

Why is this important?

I had always admired this house as a child, had thought it was a castle. Buying it for $75,000 was a dream come true. I knew everyone in the neighborhood and made friends with new families, many I met through play dates for my daughter. I have lived in this house for 30 years and I will not pack up my life to try and start somewhere else.

Had I not run into a predatory lender after my husband died, my house would have been fully paid off in August. I paid my mortgage for 28 years, in total around $425,000, and even after the predatory loan sent me spiraling to catch up--until I just couldn’t balance the bills any longer. Chase demanded $255,000 from me before auctioning my house off in a sheriff sale, when Chase bought it back at the current market value of $81,000! My roots are firmly embedded in this neighborhood, I am a part of this community, and I want the deal Chase gave to themselves!

If Chase has a proven commitment to the community like they advertise, why won’t they work with me, as a lifetime member of the Powderhorn community? I want Chase to write me a new mortgage to the current market value for my home, $81,000. I have already paid for my house five times over so it’s not as if I’m not asking for a bailout. I refuse to move. I demand a fair negotiation.

My life here is like a banyon tree with roots spreading deeply into the Powderhorn community. I never thought I would be in this position. Support my victory over Chase’s attempt to uproot me and my family. Please sign my petition, and ensure I remain in my house as the same stable member of the community I have always been.

3753 11th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

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Reasons for signing

  • Banks are predators and they need to be reined in.
  • CRITICAL THINKING A million seconds 11 days. A billion seconds is about 11.500 days, or more than 30 years.A trillion seconds, is more than 30,000 years. Obama increased the federal debt to 17.5 trillion in seconds takes some where near to 550,000 years. The Government only spent 1.6 trillion from the year 1776 to the year 2006! most make $7.50 an hour. the Federal Reserve is13 Families