To: Wells Fargo Office of Executive Complaints

Help home occupier Brandie and Edwin Hannon of Watsonville CA to stay in their home!

Help home occupier Brandie and Edwin Hannon of Watsonville CA to stay in their home!

Dear Ms. Whitt-Potter, Mr. Harrison, Ms. Howard and Mr. Horning-

We call upon you to work with homeowners Brandie and Edwin Hannon by giving them a fair modification so that she can stay in her home. She and her family with be reoccupying their home and demanding that Wells Fargo live up to their slogan "We're with you" instead of "We're with you-unless you get sick and come to us for help-then we throw you out in the street after we promised to help."

We are counting on you to do the fair and right thing.

Call Leesa Whitt-Potter 515-324-2402, Michael Harrison 515-324-2382, Lizzie Howard 515-324-5561, Adam Horning 515-324-5345 and tell each of them to negotiate with the Hannon Family.

Why is this important?

My husband, Edwin and I have been in our home for over 14 years. We refinanced with World Savings through a broker, SunWest Mortgage who originally contacted us through the mail. World Savings became Wachovia shortly after, then Wells Fargo. Ed suffered a series of health problems which rendered him unable to work steadily (he is a mechanic by trade and is self employed) and caused us to start dipping into our savings. As the real estate market started to dive my design business also took a hard hit. I contacted Wachovia to see what we could do to try and get our payments reduced. They told me to qualify for modification I had to stop making my payments.

After 2 months when nothing had materialized, I made my 2 back payments, and tried again. I was again told that we had to be behind to qualify. We received a pre-approval letter with the terms of our modification, and after sending in all of the documentation requested and attempting to make the first payment via cash in the branch, I was told that the program had been discontinued and I had to start over.

This started a vicious cycle that ended up getting us deeper and deeper in debt with Wells Fargo.

All the while Wells Fargo was telling us they were working with us, but they were really setting us up to lose our home.

The last few years have been a hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. No parent should have to explain to their only child that on top of the grave illness in the family, that they are losing the home they've known since age 3. We have shown time and time again that we want to pay, and have given Wells Fargo everything they've asked for but they refuse to "Make Home Affordable" and chose to evict us without warning last week.

With your help, we can fight back!

Watsonville, CA

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