To: Egbert Perry, CEO of Intregal Development

Hands Off City Land!

Hands Off City Land!

The Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) has filed suit to stop The Integral Group from purchasing approximately 100 acres of land intended for affordable housing. The suit contends Integral made a secret deal with former AHA leadership to purchase the land that was not authorized by the AHA board and is completely inconsistent with AHA’s mission to provide affordable housing for Atlanta’s low-income residents. Egbert Perry, CEO of Intregal plans to develop exclusively luxury housing if he gets the land. We demand that Mr. Perry immediately halt his attempts to take this land from the Housing Authority so that it may be used to develop badly needed affordable housing at a time that our city's affordable housing stock continue to plummet. The reality is that 95% of everything built in Atlanta since 2012 is considered luxury, while we have lost 5% of our affordable housing every year since 2012. Egbert Perry has made plenty of money. We ask him to respectfully withdraw from his attempts to acquire land designated for affordable housing.

Why is this important?

According to Atlanta Housing Authority(AHA), land currently valued at $138 million could be sold for a mere $17 million under a secret deal that favors The Integral Group and was arranged by previous AHA leadership. The lawsuit contends the arrangement was never formally approved by the AHA board and runs counter to AHA’s mission, HUD regulations and Georgia law and Constitution.

Egbert Perry, CEO of The Integral Group, has argued his company is entitled to the windfall. According to a March 10, 2017 article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Perry said the authority owes him public land at bargain-basement prices because of value he helped create.
But Robert Rumley, chairman of the AHA Board of Commissioners, says the increased, current land values result more from the market demand driven by the national trend to live in close-in communities and from massive public investments in amenities such as the Atlanta BeltLine, than from previous development efforts undertaken years ago.
“While The Integral Group and previous AHA leadership played a vital role in alleviating concentrations of poverty, current market values have more to do with market trends and where people choose to live,” said Rumley. “AHA cannot and will not relinquish more than $100 million in land just because a private developer thinks he is entitled.”

Atlanta is in the midst of a historic affordable housing crisis. We rank #1 in income immobility and the gap between rich and poor is widening every year. With rents increasing along even the unfinished section of the Beltline (in some areas as high as 53%) we simply can't allow a rich developer to steal land in an illegal acquisition just so he can make a quick buck at the expense of everyone else in our communities.


Atlanta, GA, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • The obvious! Sufficient luxury housing is already overbuilt. I don't need affordable housing BUT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE NEED AND HAVE A RIGHT TO IT!!
  • Big companies can't push poor people out of their homes just because they're poor!
  • Affordable housing is basically non-existent in Atlanta, the community needs this land to be designated ONLY for affordable housing.


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