To: Edward Demarco, Federal Overseer of Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac: Don't Block Our Family From Coming Home

Freddie Mac: Don't Block Our Family From Coming Home

Dear Edward Demarco,

Please allow our family to purchase back our house so we can return to the home that we were wrongfully evicted from. We can afford to pay and we want to return to our community.

Why is this important?

As my family stood up against the banks' unjust foreclosure, we were joined by hundreds of thousands of people around the country. With support from Occupy Homes MN, we traveled to Freddie Mac's offices in Chicago and to their national headquarters in Washington, D.C. to demand they work with our family and others like us who are at risk of losing their homes.

Though we were evicted after 5 raids on the house, during which 37 of our friends were arrested while peacefully defending our home, our story gained national media attention. Our story is inspiring many other families to fight back.

And it isn't over. I just learned that our family's home has been placed on the market for sale and now we have a chance at winning back our home once and for all.

Thanks to all of your support, PNC Bank has come to the table and agreed to work with our family to buy back our home at a reduced price reflecting real market value that our family can afford.

Unfortunately, Freddie Mac, who now owns the property, is refusing to sell it to us.

Will you stand with us to demand Freddie Mac let us buy our home back and sign our petition?

Freddie Mac has a malicious policy against selling homes back to the families they evict. Together, we've come a long way to reach an agreement with PNC and now Freddie Mac is all that stands between our family and our home. With your support, we can win back our home.

As my brother David says, "The strength that we have is the power of truth, the power of justice. We may not have millions of dollars but what we have is love, what we have is truth, what we have is each other." We are continuing our fight for justice, not only for our own family but for all families facing unjust foreclosures and evictions. We shall not be moved.

Si se puede,


Minneapolis, MN

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Reasons for signing

  • we need to help each other !!!
  • This is idiocy on the part of the government. The money will be the same regardless of who it comes from.
  • Freddie Mac is just being malicious here. Why should they care who buys the house? Once they sell it, it's off their hands, and they make the same money regardless of who the money comes from. As far as I can tell, this is just a last ditch effort to punish the previous owners for daring to stand up to them. Shame on you, Freddie Mac.