To: The Woda Group, Boynton Village Apartments

Work with us on the relocation and do better for our families!

Work with us on the relocation and do better for our families!

Don't uproot our children from their school, ensure we can all return to our homes, and treat us with dignity.

Why is this important?

The Woda Group, the new owners of Boynton Village Apartments in Peoplestown, an historic Atlanta neighborhood, is relocating all 50 longtime residents of the complex and their families while they renovate. The owners of the complex receive HUD funds because it is a site based Section 8 property; therefore, there are rules and regulations that must be honored.

We, the residents, have tried to communicate our concerns about the relocation, find out about the terms of our re-entry into the property, and voice problems with our treatment by property management on many occasions. We are extremely concerned about how our children are going to be transported to school when we are relocated from our units and need to know if our children are going to be uprooted from their school where they feel safe. We are also very concerned that we will not be allowed to return to our homes after we are displaced.

We understand that with Turner Field leaving Peoplestown and the Beltline coming through our community, real-estate is already becoming more valuable. We love Peoplestown and many of us have lived here our whole lives. We are loved and needed here and will not accept displacement.

We have a right to understand what conditions will allow us to move back into the property and which will not. We want to be able to understand each document that we will be asked to sign. We have heard that after we move out, some families will not be able to return for one reason or another. This is unacceptable.

Property management communicates with us in an unacceptable and hurtful manner. For example, Boynton Village residents received notice in the mail not to call and inquire about our utility checks because the property manager doesn’t have time to answer questions about that and to get off of our lazy bottoms and go find a job. We do not deserve to be talked to in this manner. We deserve our dignity and not to be treated like burdens when the complex is well compensated. Repair request are never done in a timely fashion we are living in very poor conditions.

Please sign my petition to help us get a meeting with the Woda Group. We need to be informed about the relocation and we need property management to improve.

Our demands are clear, we want:
* The guaranteed right to return to our homes after the renovations.
* To be treated with dignity and to have our repair requests dealt with in a timely manner.
* To have clarity on the details of our temporary relocation and how it will affect our children’s school attendance.

How it will be delivered

In person.

942 Hank Aaron Drive Southeast, Atlanta, GA, United States


Reasons for signing

  • FAIR HOUSING IS THE LAW: Corporations & others that own, manage, & rent hotels, housing complexes, & other business entities must clearly communicate with customers. Owners & managers of apartment complexes, commissioners of housing authorities, & others who rent property are obligated by U.S. Federal Law, statutes, & in some cases county & municipal codes to clearly communicate with tenants.
  • The most terrifying thing any person or family can face is being homeless. Human dignity should always come before bank profit.
  • The dismissive attitude of the property management company is inexcusable.


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