To: PNC CEO James E. Rohr

Demand PNC Bank Negotiate With Yin Wong to Keep Her Family in Their Home

Demand PNC Bank Negotiate With Yin Wong to Keep Her Family in Their Home

Dear Mr. Rohr-

We are asking PNC to immediately negotiate with San Francisco resident Yin Wong and her daughter Wai Cheung (PNC mortgage customer) about how to keep their family in their Bayview home..

After PNC purchased their mortgage loan from National City Mortgage, they received no notification of the purchase so their EFT payment didn’t make it to PNC, which rapidly foreclosed on their home and has tried several times to evict them. They have always been prepared to pay their mortgage, so please negotiate with them and settle this matter fairly.

Why is this important?

PNC Bank is stealing the home of Yin Wong, disabled senior by ILLEGALLY foreclosing on her and her family after National City Mortgage sold the loan on her home to PNC Bank. The first she heard of PNC’s purchase of the loan was a foreclosure notice in the mail. Even though Yin Wong has the money to pay the loan and has tried to get PNC Bank to accept it, PNC has refused and has pushed eviction proceedings forward even after four prior court appearances during which the Superior Court judge urged PNC to correct the problem. Yin Wong has tried over and over to work with PNC, but PNC has refused to work with her.

PNC Bank did the exact same thing with the Cruz family in Minneapolis… thousands of people have protested their eviction, organizing to re-occupy their home with dozens of arrests.

Let’s stand together to fight back and let banks know that we won’t let them foreclosure on families illegally.


Reasons for signing

  • PNC has imposed a grave injustice on Yin Wong. They should right this by cancelling her eviction and reinstating her mortgage, so she and her family can remain in their home.
  • This robbery of the elderly has got to stop. Banks have more than enough profits to create affordable loans and let the elderly stay in their homes and still make money...Don't let greed lead into inhumanity. This is the equivalent of a financial holocaust.
  • United we stand, divided we're all out in the streets.