To: Gregory Tornquist, CEO of Cenlar

Cenlar: Keep Toni Furman in Her Home

Cenlar: Keep Toni Furman in Her Home

Work out a deal to keep Toni Furman in her reclaimed home.

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition to support Toni and OOHA in liberating the home she was wrongly evicted from.

Toni's Story:

Due to a difficult divorce five years ago my house was put in a distressed situation. After living in the house for 18 years the balance of the mortgage was $50,000.00. My house was expedited into the foreclosure process because there was over $100,000.00 in equity on the property at the time. Not only was there a war with Cenlar Mortgage, the ex-husband was suing me for the house. The house was the only thing I acquired in the divorce settlement. These dual wars lasted two years and I was blessed to have many organizations to assist me. Legal Aid helped me to stop the war with the ex-husband, and Congressman Hank Johnson, HUD and Office of Thrift were organizations that stopped the multiple foreclosure processes.

I had sufficient income to get a loan modification however; the ex-husband would not sign the loan modification papers. HUD verified that Cenlar could take the ex-husbands name off the mortgage, but it was up to the lender. Cenlar chose not to. Cenlar is a servicing organization. I asked them many times to inform me of the name of the owner of my mortgage. They said that they have power of attorney and refuse to tell me the name of the owner.

After many foreclosure attempts that were stopped, Cenlar strategically foreclosed on the wrong deed. There was no way to stop a foreclosure under someone else’s name. Many attorneys verified that it was a wrongful foreclosure; however, I did not have the money to pay attorneys’ fees. The eviction process was stopped when a lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure was filed in Superior Court. HUD kept me in the house for an extended time and informed me that Cenlar is trying to evict me because they do not take possession of houses unless they are empty. They verified that there were too many deed issues and HUD will not take possession of the house.

After the HUD protection ended, Cenlar began the eviction process through the lawsuit that I had filed. The Judge granted them a motion to evict me. Under federal law everyone has the right to know when they are involved in a legal transaction. Therefore one must be served papers. McCalla Raymer Attorneys hired thugs and crooks to try to serve me papers. Several were ticketed for pretending to do a home invasion to force me out of the house. One night I was arriving home in the dark and a car ambushed me in the street. I stayed in my home to working to avoid eviction as I worked with National Action Network to negotiate with Cenlar. Cenlar expedited the eviction process and had six sheriff's deputies break into the back of my home. I continued to ask the sheriff's deputies to show me eviction papers but they had none. After an hour and fifteen minutes of me asking to see eviction papers as my belongings were hauled to the curb, one of the deputies finally produced some documentation. However, my name was nowehere on the papers, hence a wrongful foreclosure and a wrongful eviction. Since being evicted I have continued working with National Action Network and become a member of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta.

I have taken back my home, and it feels amazing not to be homeless anymore. Please sign my petition and help me build pressure against Cenlar to keep me here.

1420 Stoneleigh Hill Road, Lithonia, GA

Reasons for signing

  • This woman is lovely and deserves her home.
  • I have similar questionable service from Cenlar
  • Save Bob & Margie's Saint Elmo Sacred Home !!! Occupy Homes