To: Waterfall Victoria Master Fund---REIMER, ARNOVITZ, CHERNEK& JEFFREY CO LPA

Call to Action!!!...Please help the Yeagers stop eviction! FINAL NOTICE TO MOVE AUG 21!!

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Laura Yeager
Call to Action!!!...Please help the Yeagers stop eviction! FINAL NOTICE TO MOVE AUG 21!!

A "Call to Action" is being requested of you. by calling the numbers listed below and telling them how disgusted you are of their role of bringing fraud upon the court by filing false & fraudulent documents, by their deceptive practices for monetary gain, their desecration of our country's land records and stealing homes of decent folks like us that only wanted to resolve this matter in a civil way and remain in our home of 20 years. These people are LIARS and THIEVES and just like cockroaches. They HATE being put in the limelight with their unscrupulous acts, and scatter when the lights go on. Lets call them, and put pressure on them and let them know that we will not stand for this treatment and disregard of our rights and the Yeagers should remain in our home.
Kristi Pallen--330-405-1199---appearance lawyer for Reimer &Assoc.Law Office who brought the foreclosure case for the investor of our loan

Tee Brown--225-214-5001---owner of GMFS Lending LLC

Derek Conn---212-843-8991---Waterfall Victoria Asset Mgr. of our loan.

Thank you for your help!!

Why is this important?

The Sherriff came and delivered the third and final warning to vacate our home by August 21 or they will move us. Our voluntary move out date was August 3rd, so the days are numbered. We had a mediation hearing with our banks attorney on August 6 and are trying to negotiate, but ATTY KRISTI PALLEN of Reimer&Co refuses to vacate the writ of possession while we are trying to come to terms of a settlement. We have PROOF OF FUNDING and have provided SIGNED documentation from the new investor that they will be wiring funds to them for payment. So, the unscrupulous acts continue, meanwhile our family continues to live in limbo and out of boxes wondering if someone is going to show up and lock us out of our home. Please call the numbers listed or email these heartless puppets of the greed machine and tell them to STOP THE EVICTION because we will NEVER stop defending ourselves and OUR HOME!! Thanks and PEACE OF MIND to all!!