To: Bank of New York Mellon President Gerald L. Hassell

Approve Short Sale of Hartrey 2 flat so 9 Tenants May Stay in their Home.

Approve Short Sale of Hartrey 2 flat so 9 Tenants May Stay in their Home.

Dear Mr. Hassell,
Please check in with your people just about a short sale for a little old farmhouse on Hartrey Ave. so that the 6 adults, 3 children & 2 dogs can stay in their home, and the community can continue to be served by the handyman, dog sitting, & short term lodging services supported by that property via the pending short sale to Thomas J. Wilda, humanitarian & investor.

Why is this important?

The House on Hartrey is important to its residents & the community for many different reasons. First & foremost is the youth. The 3 children living on the first floor have recently transferred to Evanston Schools from CPS this year & would most likely be displaced into another school district to the dismay of their caring mother. Their father, Daniel Guillen, who runs a local handyman service providing for the community, would no longer have the space needed for the tools, truck & equipment required for his work. The Guillen's regularly have extended family gatherings in their apartment & the large yard.

The Professional Handyman School of Evanston, a 4 year apprenticeship program teaching all aspects of residential remodeling, uses the property as its primary facility.

Thomas, who has a background in house painting, video production, & music is the newest apprentice & coordinates the gardening of 11 raised beds.
"I came to the Hartrey House a few months ago when I was going through a break up. After bouncing around on couches & sleeping in my car with my dog Ruby because I couldn't lease a place due to the fact that it is very hard to find a dog friendly place & also the amount of money it cost for rent & security deposit, I found the Hartrey which was very affordable. I call it "Heart-Tree" because its full of love & it branches out through the community like a tree. Its been a life changing blessing & has allowed me to have shelter for Ruby & myself. Also to be able to contribute to the community through efforts we have going is something I truly enjoy whether it be in the garden, or watching one of the visiting dogs or helping Kevin on a job, all the projects benefit humankind & the neighborhood in some way which I am a big advocate of."

Another service provided for the community is Logical Lodging, LLC which provides short term pet friendly, furnished, lodging and utilities for professionals, academics, & others who are on the move or otherwise not in a position to sign a lease for an apartment.

Emilio, another roommate of Hartrey & dog owner
"Staying here at Hartrey was not only the most affordable option but also surprisingly rewarding for me & Pinkie. I get to hang out with dogs, cool people, have family over, and help take care of visiting dogs through Logical Lodging"

Izzy, auto body detailer & room mate living at the Hartrey has reduced his commute to work by half allowing him much needed rest time after long hours put in the shop where he is also rebuilding his own truck.

Kevin Keeler owner, room mate, entrepeneur & journeyman tradesman "the building is essential for the growth of the individuals here as well as both business'. I've invested hundreds of hours of repair & remodeling into the property. I would like to see the building continue to be an home for even more people and dogs in the community as well as those passing through. I am open to contributions of time & energy from creative persons interested in the property. The experience of defending against this attempted foreclosure has empowered me with a new and much deeper appreciation of the incredible power of the law."

In addition, the large permaculture community garden project is a key aspect of the Hartrey. 11 full size, raised garden beds provide organic gardening opportunities, feeding the residents as well as some neighbors. In conjunction to the garden, there have been several Potluck gatherings to bring together artists, musicians, and people interested in organic gardening to discuss furthur plans & ideas to benefit the community as a whole.

1126 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • my brothers house
  • because Kevin is my friend


2016-06-15 17:14:23 -0400

To contact us re the short sale please call Kevin at 224 374 5111 or

2016-06-15 17:11:24 -0400

Thanks for your support everybody. The Making Homes Affordable program of the Dept of Justice has demanded that the bank complies with regulations by allowing the short sale. All we need now is a friendly buyer. The property will go into her name until we buy it back. We paid $422,000 in 2005 and the bank has agreed to accept $116,000, which is a price not otherwise available for a 2 flat in Evanston on a double lot with a current positive cash flow of $1,300 per month after principle, interest, taxes, and insurance. The payment on a 20 year $116,000 mortgage is around $650 peer month. We are not asking for money. A signature and written agreement would be enough with a descent credit score. Then 14 people and 4 dogs would stay in their home. And you will always have a place to stay even with your dog or cat in Evanston. And we will name a room after you. And cook you dinner.

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