To: Brian T. Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America

Bank of America: Rescind the foreclosure and keep Mildred in her home!

On March 18, Mildred Obi-Garrison, joined by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, as well as dozens of supporters and community members, moved back into her home in an act of civil disobedience. Mildred had been evicted from her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia by Bank of America last November, despite years of fighting in the courts.

After securing her property back from the bank, supporters set up a 24-hour eviction defense at the home to fend off any possible eviction attempts by the police, and mounted a public pressure campaign against Bank of America, the servicer who had carried out the foreclosure and eviction. After holding a sit-in at a local branch, and gathering thousands of petition signatures online, Bank of America promptly reached out to Mildred and began negotiations.

Today, Mildred can claim victory as those negotiations have finally resulted in a deal that will keep her in her home permanently. Her fight for housing justice has just begun however, as she pledged today to continue the fight alongside the millions of others who are facing housing crisis. Today's win marks a historic victory for the movement, proving that solutions can be worked out, even after eviction.

The tactic of moving homeowners back in post-eviction harkens back to the days of the Great Depression, when communities would band together to move their neighbors' possessions back in after eviction, eventually leading to a moratorium being enacted in 27 states around the country. Bold actions like the ones taken by Ms. Obi and her community are necessary to fight the current crisis, which has left millions of Americans displaced since 2007.

Next month, Mildred will face a judge in Washington DC, for charges of unlawful entry for blocking the revolving doors of Covington and Burling, the white-collar law firm with clients such as Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. The firm, once home to Attorney General Eric Holder, has maintained a consistent revolving door policy with the Department of Justice, who five years after the start of the crisis, has yet to prosecute a single top level Wall Street executive for the financial crisis. Instead, on October 7, the US Attorney will try Mildred along with two other grandmothers who were arrested alongside her.

Along with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, today's victory would not have been possible without the help of the American Friends Service Committee, National Action Network, and the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Bank of America: Rescind the foreclosure and keep Mildred in her home!

This home belongs to Mildred Garrison-Obi. In 2009 she was foreclosed on after becoming disabled and was evicted in November 2012. Since then the home has been sitting empty and Ms. Obi, a disabled senior citizen, has become homeless.

Community members, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, and Ms. Obi have taken back her home and taken a step towards ending homelessness. This house is now meeting a direct need instead of sitting empty and inviting crime. Ms. Obi needs this home for shelter far more than Stone Mountain needs a home to sit empty.

Do what's morally right and allow Mildred to stay in her home where she belongs. Rescind the foreclosure, and give back the home at 1047 Park Gate Place in Stone Mountain, Ga!

Why is this important?

Mildred Garrison-Obi, or Obi as many of her friends call her, was evicted from her home by force last November. After the eviction, Mildred was left with nowhere to go, sleeping on friends couches, or renting a room at the local extended stay hotel. She began attending weekly meetings held by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, and after helping to move a young homeless family into a bank owned home in December, Mildred was inspired to keep fighting and take her own home back from the bank.

She bought the house in 1998 for just over $70,000 with a mortgage from Countrywide. In 2008, after the financial crisis caused the economy to collapse, Mildred lost her job and fell behind on her payments. As a senior in her 60s, she became disabled, and found it increasingly difficult to find employment. When the bills started to pile up, she contacted Bank of America, who had acquired Countrywide earlier that year and now serviced her loan. In August of 2009, despite her best efforts to work out a modification with them, Bank of America sold her home on the Dekalb County courthouse steps.

It was only after the foreclosure that Mildred realized her loan was part of a securitized trust overseen by US Bank. As was the case in most foreclosures filed in 2009, the documents used to take her home were fraudulent and robo-signed. For years she fought to have the foreclosure rescinded, going back and forth between Bank of America and US Bank, who both refused to claim responsibility.

Mildred, along with her neighbors and community members has moved back into her home. After opening the door to her house that had been sitting vacant for months, she triumphantly shouted, "I'm not homeless anymore." Please sign her petition and demand that Bank of America make that a permanent reality, and give Mildred's home back to her for good.

Stone Mountain, GA

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Reasons for signing

  • Housing is a right
  • Why can't the banks understand, that the homeowner need help to stay in their homes, just as they were helped by the government, we the taxpayers.
  • No empty homes!!!


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