To: Invitation Homes

Accept My Rent Invitation Homes!

Accept My Rent Invitation Homes!

Please accept my rent and honor my 2 year lease!

Why is this important?

Hi, my name is Nefesh. I work with dogs, live in Stone Mountain, and rent from Invitation Homes. From the start, this has been a very difficult company to work with. However, they showed me a home with a fantastic back yard and I was hooked. Invitation Homes walked the property with me and wrote down the many things that needed to be addressed before I moved in: mold on the ceiling, a large amount of underbrush in the backyard, gutters falling off, a HUGE pit in the back yard that used to be an aquarium, a tree had fallen and damaged the chain linked fence (making it easy for my dogs to walk over it to be outside the fence), and a warped wooden gate that would not close. They promised me that these things would be fixed BEFORE I moved in in 2-3 weeks. They were not fixed.

Due to a recent diagnosis of Epilepsy and a major surgery, my doctor recommended I stay put and heal so I had signed a 2-year lease. I made a commitment to be in the home and decided to stand my ground and get everything fixed. Unfortunately, the problems continued.

I got an eviction notice my first month. I had paid a deposit, first and last, and moved in on Sept 26. I tried to pay the next month’s rent through the portal online as they requested, but could not get into the system. I called at least 25 times, left messages, and sent emails to tell them. I did not receive one call or email reply. On Oct 6th I got an eviction notice! I called and called again, emailed everyone in the company, and even called the owner, to no avail. Finally, they called to tell me they “fixed” the system—they had actually just put me into the system! Then they wanted me to pay late fees! The next month I paid the rent online with no problem, but on the 8th I got a Sheriffs notice on my door! After about 50 calls, I found out that Invitation Homes was having a difficult time getting my money out of my bank. I was baffled. After so many more calls, they revoked my eviction, court date, late fees and legal fees.

Three months in I finally got someone to come look at the mold. They wound up taking most of a wall out and part of the ceiling. I had been living in, breathing in mold DAILY for 3 months! In July 2014, I called the maintenance line and asked them to come out and snake the sink because it was backing up into the dishwasher. When the plumber came out he said: "Wow, this is shoddy plumbing! I have to re-plumb it because it's going up and not down. Matter can't drain properly if the pipes don't go the right way. I have to re-plumb this". I have very little knowledge of plumbing, asked him to please approve it with Invitation Homes. He told me he did and then re-plumbed it. It worked fine and he left. When I went online to pay my rent for August, there was a $425.00 property destruction fee added onto my rent. I could not pay my rent unless I also paid the $425.00 fee. After more phone calls and emails, they answered two weeks later: I was to pay for the plumbing because it was destroyed by improper use. This is outrageous! They refused to take my August rent without the repair cost and locked me out of the online portal so that I couldn’t pay rent for September. I don’t drive due to my condition, but went to their office and they again refused to take my August and September rent without payment for the repairs and late fees.

Invitation Homes seems to have LOST my 2-year rental agreement and are telling me that I need to be out by Sept 30th. It WAS also stored in the online portal but once they locked me out, it disappeared. They showed me a "non renewal" notice and told me it was due to the multiple eviction notices I have received this year! These were due to their inefficiency! The property manager promised me he would look into this, but when he got back to me he said they had spoken with the maintenance department who said the food clog was definitely my fault, I would have to pay the $425.00, they were not renewing my lease, and that day was my LAST DAY of my lease!

It is October now and I have no other house to go to. I want to stay in this house until I can find another to move into so that I can know my animals and I are safe. Please sign my petition.

5336 Oconnel Court, Stone Mountain, GA, United States

Reasons for signing

  • I have been a tenant for 3 and /2 years. I have so many repairs. house has flooded three times. sewage problem for last 2years and some people can and broke down my fence and cut down all of my oak trees. no compassion no empathy. I am leaving.
  • Same situation- mold - falling apart house , sick from mold, even my dog sick- from mold- has to stop
  • Invitation Homes did this to me. I didn't know my rights and now have an eviction and a huge $8000+ repair bill. My family and I are going to be displaced soon. I hope I find a lawyer who can help me and my family.


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