Bank of America: take my ex-husbands name off of the mortgage on my house

To: The Presidents office of Bank of America

Bank of America: take my ex-husbands name off of the mortgage on my house
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Dear Michele Hale,
Take my ex-husbands name off the mortgage on my house.  Follow through on modifying my loan to $1800.

Why is this important?

The courts have ordered my home to be sold if my X husbands name is not removed.   I have been told by mortgage companies that they are not financing alternative structure homes so I will need an 'in house' loan from Bank of America that is currently holding the Note in my X husbands name. My home is where I earn my living. If I lose my home I lose my livelihood. I have a bed and breakfast, a small commercial garden, 2 other businesses that I operate within my home and property. I have been building my home with my bare hands over the past 14 years.  My children have been raised here.  I have put my heart and soul into building my home and my businesses.  Please help me keep my life. Thanks Lori

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We will deliver this petition in person at the corporate office of Bank of America in Broomfield, CO in November and invite the media to accompany us.
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  • Ann D. 2013-08-05 22:47:40 -0400
    The house belongs to her, not him.